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Appley Ever After's First Ever Fonts! 

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Not the Diary of a Worm!

Today in my classroom, we read the adorable book "Diary of a Worm" by  Doreen Cronin. My students of course loved this silly tale of a worm and his antics. This inspired me to create a template for my students to recreate this silly book with their own characters.

Presenting... Diary of a


Haha, this made me chuckle! I love the fact that he used his imagination and went off track from the day to day puppies and kitties that some of my other students decided to do! 

Look how sweet these little guys are! 

If you are interested in trying out this activity.
It comes with 4 different paper choices for your multi-level students! From early elementary to upper elementary! 

Hope you enjoy! 


Thinking 'INSIDE' The Box

Oooohhhhh Estimation. 
That is what we are working on. 


This is such a fun concept to teach! Estimation stations and hands on activities GALORE! Today, I tried something different with them. We estimated how many 'objects' would fit into a tape shape! Well, my kids loved this activity. We did as a scoot version.

Each of my little detectives had a spot to stand, a clipboard, and a pencil. Each shape was labeled with a number. They had to find the number on their page, and then estimate how many of the stated object would fit inside that particular tape shape. I gave them about 15 seconds to get their answer written down before we shifted. I had a total of 13 tape shapes.


Mother's Day Necklaces

As a parent, I know that Mother's Day is about showing our Moms how much they mean to us. For our Mother's day gifts in my class, I wanted to help my students create something timeless and special that would hopefully last more than a day or two. In doing my research, I noticed on pinterest the fingerprint keychains.  I FELL IN LOVE! So, step one with my class was to make these. Here is the recipe!

Holy moly. I found that getting the right texture was tricky. It was hard to get the exact right texture. We had to put a tad of vaseline on the tiny fingertips in order for them to not stick to the dough. Once we did that, it turned into perfection! Here are some of my adorable chain fingerprint pendant necklaces! You can see the fingerprints better in real life. The picture just doesn't capture the beauty that each of these contain.

After the necklaces were put together, I created this backdrop to them. I thought it said exactly what I was thinking when I found this project. I absolutely love the way these turned out! 

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