Brag Tag Classroom Management System

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I'm slowly starting to get into back to school mode. I start setting up my classroom on Monday! Believe it or not, this summer did not fly by for me. I quite enjoyed my time off, but now I feel ready to head back into the classroom and get started using some of my summer creations in real life scenarios.

One of the things I am most excited to implement in my classroom this year is BRAG TAGS! Have you heard of them?

Allow me to elaborate.

Brag tags are a classroom management system created to reinforce positive behaviour, display student milestones and award your kids for growth that they make within the classroom.
Students can earn tags for many many reasons. Personally,  I wouldn't award a tag to a student for expected behaviours, however if it is something that a specific child struggles with that would be an exception. They look like military style dog tags, but are printed from paper to be cost effective. They are essentially small awards to hand out throughout the day, week or year.

For example, little Johnny has a very hard time keeping his backpack organized. 2 months into school, Johnny suddenly has been working hard to keep his backpack on his hook and his belongings inside it. That would be a good time to give positive reinforcement for his improved behaviours! What a great opportunity to award him the 'Tidy Backpack Award!' Imagine how happy little Johnny would be to know that you noticed how hard he was trying.

When you earn tags, you put them on a ball chain like the one pictured below. I purchased mine HERE. I ordered 100 of them so that I would have enough to hold me over for a few years!

Setting Goals as a Whole Class:

As educators, we always have goals in our minds for our students to accomplish. We want them to be able to accomplish something. In my classroom, I thought about this. I wanted for my students to have a goal in mind, and for us to be able to work on it together as a class. I also set up a poster in my room (see below). Depending on the situation, I post either a brag tag of the day or week. If my students accomplish that goal, they will receive a brag tag! 


To set up this classroom management tool in your classroom there are a few different ways to do it.
1. Give the chains to your students to be responsible for (suggested only in upper grades)
2. Create a bulletin boardbulletin board spot for students to see the whole class progress. I'm going to print off THESE EDITABLE LABLES  with my students names on them and display them on the bulletin board with a push pin underneath to hold up the chain underneath. This is a very visual way to keep your students motivated and to keep up with it. We all have those students who have a hard time being positive, but looking for ways that they are trying and rewarding them just may be what they need to stay motivated.

This is what my bulletin board spot looks like:
- Each student's name is on the board
- Each student earns tags and adds them to their necklace

TIP: These ball chains are sort of fussy to keep opening and closing whenever you need to put a brag tag on them. Use a hoop ring clasp on the end of each for ease of access and to save frustration down the line.

Hopefully you found this blog post helpful! Let me know if you have any questions!

If you would like to grab my BRAG TAG FREEBIES or to check out my LIFETIME GROWING BRAGTAG BUNDLE click on the images below!


Don't forget to pin this image to reference it later! :D

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