The Best Way to Keep Track of Completed Work

As a Third Grade teacher, I am caught in a place between overflowing paperwork and the struggle to keep track of it all. I don't love to give worksheets to my students all the time, but to be honest there are just some things that work better with a piece of paper in front of my students. I would love to pretend that I can deliver 100% of my lessons paperless, but our school is currently not a 1:1 device school so that just isn't an option for me. There is also the added factor of assessments. Having something concrete to look at that shows what your students have learned during the units that we as teachers spend 18 million hours prepping and creating for them. 

Multiplication Fact Fluency - 5 EASY Ways to Encourage Student Success

Who loves it when their students know their multiplication facts by heart?


We all want to see our students being successful in the memorization of their facts and learning the strategies to help them to learn. Here are a few ways that we practice fact fluency and how I have helped my students to become fluent in multiplication at school by using several different methods that encourage them to know their facts!


How to Print EVERYTHING in Color while on a Teacher Budget!

If you are anything like me, you like to print your games, centers, posters and other amazing teaching resources in COLOR! The problem that we usually face as teachers is that ink is EXPENSIVE! It's way too costly for us to print everything that we want to in color. Right?

What if I told you:
  • You could print in color to your heart's desire 
  • You do NOT have to worry about spending hundreds of your hard earned dollars
  • You didn't have to worry about running out of ink
  • You will always have extra ink on hand - just in case
  • It would only cost you a measly $3.99 per month!

Would you believe me?

It's true. I promise. 

Here is how to do it...


Teaching the Difference between Toys and Tools

We all have those days. Picture this...

So, here I go again. I give students a mini whiteboard and a marker and then I turn around to draw something on my whiteboard only to turn back around and see that ½ of my students are drawing pictures of cats wearing funny hats and actually not paying any attention to what I'm doing or saying.

Do you have this problem too? 
I have finally discovered a way to verbalize my expectations of the wonderful tools that I in my classroom!


No Prep SMARTboard Bingo Games

I LOVE playing games in my classroom. Love! We play games for many of the concepts that we learn or for reviewing things that we have already covered.

One of our favorite games is SMARTboard Bingo! You don't even need a smart board to play it on as long as you have a projector in your classroom.

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